Selection of photos on larger size


If you have a large set of photos you have collected, then there is automatically a variation in the offer. Some are anecdotal, by which I mean that they have their value in the whole, contribute something to the story. These are not always ' perfect pictures ', but good enough to be included in the gallery. Other pictures are technically better, for the sake of exposure, subject, color, ... And then it is worth to show them slightly larger.
The selection that I made, comes from the different sections and is a personal choice. Also a number of photos that don't fit in one of the categories can be seen here. Everyone is invited to get out of the group of photos on my website his own selection. If it is possible I will add them to this section. You can pass your choice via ' contact ' on the home page.

To view your selection, click one of the following buttons. Hint: when you hit the F11-key you will see the photos much better. Return to the original screen can by using the F11-key again.